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Child General Market

The eCommerce general children's products market is a vibrant and rapidly growing sector encompassing a wide range of products for children of all ages. This market includes toys, games, clothing, shoes, accessories, books, educational materials, etc.

In this market, there is a strong emphasis on safety, quality, and value for money. As a result, parents and caregivers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the products they buy for their children and are willing to pay a premium for safe and high-quality products.

Keep reading to learn about important child general eCommerce KPI benchmarks to help you grow your business effectively.

Average Conversion Rate for eCommerce Child General

The eCommerce general children's products market is a dynamic and exciting sector with tremendous potential for growth and innovation. As children's preferences and needs evolve, this market will continue to adapt to meet consumers' changing demands.

The conversion rate for child general eCommerce describes the percentage of visitors to your site who made a purchase. For example, if you had 130 visitors and 13 of them made a purchase, your conversion rate is 10%.

A solid understanding of up-to-date child general conversion rate benchmarks is crucial for gauging your campaigns' results. The Varos platform helps you always understand your own results in relation to your competitors.

Below, you can see how the average conversion rate for Facebook Ads in the child general market is 1.6%. You can use this data to help improve your own campaigns to stay ahead of the competition.

eCommerce Traffic Data for the Child General Market

To succeed in the child general market, brands must effectively market their products through various channels, including social media, email, and search engines. We can see how successful stores in this market use a variety of traffic sources to generate sales, such as:

  • Paid ads (51.2%)
  • Direct (22.9%)
  • Affiliate marketing (22.5%)
  • Email marketing (3.4%)

However, be aware that eCommerce stores do not widely report traffic data. Yet, Varos aggregates traffic data to further segment the paid ads segment. 

The Varos platform shows that stores in the baby and children market spend 38% on Facebook Ads and 62% on Google Ads. Additionally, we can further separate paid ad spending data by campaign type:

  • Facebook - Prospecting (24%)
  • Google - Performance Max (24%)
  • Google - Search (37%)
  • Google - Shopping (0.56%)
  • Facebook - Retargeting (14%)

While eCommerce stores should invest in a wide range of paid ad platforms, it’s clear that Facebook Ads generate the most important platform for generating revenue in this market.

Average Cost Per Click for Child General Stores

The eCommerce general children's products market is highly competitive, with many established players and new entrants vying for market share. That’s why a thorough grasp of child general eCommerce benchmarks is necessary to stay competitive.

CPC (cost-per-click) is a crucial marketing KPI to understand to maximize your marketing budget. CPC is the average cost of all the clicks on your ad campaign. If your CPC is too high without generating revenue, your campaign will cost more than it's worth.

Below, you can see how Varos indicates the overall CPC for the child general eCommerce market is $0.47. In addition, Varos compares your results to your peers in real-time, so you’ll be aware if you’re overspending or underspending.