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Skincare and Haircare Women Market

The skincare and haircare women eCommerce market encompasses sites where women can purchase products related to skincare and haircare. This market includes a wide range of products, including facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, hair oils, shampoos, conditioners, and other hair styling products. These products are specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of women's skin and hair.

This specialized eCommerce market offers a convenient and accessible way for women to shop for skincare and haircare products from the comfort of their homes and provide various options and pricing. The market is highly competitive, with numerous players offering a diverse range of products, from natural and organic options to luxury brands.

Learn more about crucial skincare and haircare women eCommerce benchmarks to help your business grow.

Average Conversion Rate for Skincare and Haircare Women eCommerce

The skincare and haircare women eCommerce market is a rapidly growing niche driven by the changing demand for women's skincare and haircare products. As such, it’s necessary to monitor the success or failure of your marketing campaigns to stay competitive.

Tracking and measuring skincare and haircare women conversion rate benchmarks is necessary to improve your marketing campaigns. Your conversion rate (CVR) is the percentage of visitors who decide to make a purchase, regardless of the amount. For example, a 10% CVR indicates that out of 200 visitors, 20 of them became customers.

eCommerce stores in the skincare and haircare for women market can use real-time competitor benchmarking from Varos to gauge how their own campaigns are performing. In addition, the Varos platform aggregates eCommerce data from other skincare and haircare stores to help give your own results the full context.

Below, you can see how Varos' real-time competitor benchmarking for the skincare and haircare women market indicates that the median Facebook Ads CVR is 5.1%.

eCommerce Traffic Data for the Skincare and Haircare Women Market

The skincare and haircare women's eCommerce market falls under the broader health and wellbeing category. Online stores in the health and wellbeing market utilize a variety of traffic sources to acquire visitors, such as:

  • Direct (37.5%)
  • Paid search marketing (31.1%)
  • Email marketing (15%)
  • Affiliate marketing (11.5%)
  • Paid social media marketing (4.9%)

However, it’s worth mentioning that many eCommerce sites do not report their traffic data. Fortunately, the Varos platform gathers and analyzes traffic data from participating eCommerce stores to give us deeper insights.

Our data shows that the skincare and haircare for women market invests 34% of its paid ad budget into Google Ads, with  51% spent on Facebook Ads, and 16% on TikTok. Additionally, using the Varos dashboard, we can further segment traffic by the type of campaign:

  • Facebook - Prospecting (48%)
  • Google - Performance Max (13%)
  • Google - Search (15%)
  • Google - Shopping (2.2%)
  • Facebook - Retargeting (2.6%)
  • Google - Youtube (1.2%)
  • TikTok - Main (16%)

Companies wishing to generate traffic for this market need to use various paid ad platforms to reach customers wherever they are.

Average Cost Per Click for Skincare and Haircare Women's Stores

Marketing skincare and haircare for women involves leveraging a wide range of digital channels to connect with consumers. For example, paid ad platforms offer cost-per-click (CPC) advertising to allow you to drive paid traffic to landing pages or product pages.

CPC is among the most crucial skincare and haircare women eCommerce KPI benchmarks to track and improve your marketing campaigns. CPC describes the average cost of every click on your paid ads, making it essential to drive traffic to generate revenue. Otherwise, the campaign may cost more than it brings in.

Varos equips you with more data to drive meaningful marketing decisions. Below, you can see how our dashboard demonstrates that the average Facebook Ads CPC is $1.62 for the skincare and haircare market.