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Toys Market

The eCommerce children's toys market is a rapidly growing segment of the global online retail industry. This market consists of various toys and games for children of various ages, from infants to teenagers. Toys are sold through major platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and dedicated toy stores and websites.

The toys eCommerce market offers various products, including educational and learning toys, board games, action figures, dolls, puzzles, remote control cars, and video games. Keep reading to learn about essential toys eCommerce KPI benchmarks to see how your store compares.

Average Conversion Rate for Toys eCommerce

Toys conversion rate benchmarks help you understand how your store performs by measuring your results to your peers rather than overall metrics that don’t reflect your industry.

A store’s conversion rate (CVR) describes the percentage of visitors that become customers. For example, if you have 90 visitors and 9 become customers, your CVR is 10%.

A solid understanding of your industry's conversion rate benchmarks is crucial to gauging the success or failure of your campaigns. Likewise, knowing how your competitors’ marketing efforts are performing is essential to gauging the success of your own campaigns.

The Varos platform indicates that the median conversion rate for the toys market is 0.71%. Below, you’ll see how our platform clearly shows the industry average alongside your own results.

eCommerce Traffic Data for the Toys Market

The toys market is a specific subcategory of the broader baby and children market and uses several vital traffic sources to generate revenue, such as:

  • Paid ads (51.2%)
  • Direct (22.9%)
  • Affiliate marketing (22.5%)
  • Email marketing (3.4%)

We can see how this report doesn’t include every possible traffic source, as eCommerce sites don’t generally make this data publicly available. 

However, the Varos platform sheds light on traffic data by segmenting paid ads markets. For example, Varos indicates that this market spends 38% on Facebook Ads and 62% on Google Ads. 

Additionally, we further divide this paid ad data by campaign type:

  • Facebook - Prospecting (24%)
  • Google - Performance Max (24%)
  • Google - Search (37%)
  • Google - Shopping (0.56%)
  • Facebook - Retargeting (14%)

It’s clear that the baby and children's eCommerce stores come from Facebook Ads, making it an essential platform for stores looking to grow.

Average Cost Per Click for Toys Stores

One of the most critical toy eCommerce benchmarks is cost-per-click (CPC). CPC measures the average cost of clicks for your ad campaign. The goal of a CPC campaign is typically to generate conversions, which makes it essential for ads to lead to a carefully designed landing page. 

Nearly every marketing platform has a CPC bidding method, allowing you to drive targeted traffic to your landing or product pages. However, be careful not to spend more on clicks than the campaign generates in revenue — that’s why CPC and CVR should both be well understood.

Understanding how much your competitors spend on CPC campaigns helps you determine if you’re paying too much or too little. Then, you can refine campaigns and bidding strategies to maximize conversions without spending more money. 

Our data indicate that the average CPC for Facebook Ads in the toys market is $0.38. Varos shows your results right alongside your peers, so you always know how you stack up.