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Snapchat Insights

What are Snapchat Insights?

You may track user activity on Snapchat and learn more about your audience with the help of Snapchat Insights. Your social tactics may be improved with this information.

You can further improve your Snapchat approach by tracking and analyzing the effects of your Snaps. You may simply calculate your return on investment with the help of Snapchat's analytics tool.

How to Use Snapchat Insights

Snapchat Insights offers mobile and web-based access to its many analytical features. Here, we will outline the procedure necessary to begin the use of Snapchat analytics in order to make tactical and strategic choices.

On a Personal Computer

Snapchat's desktop analytics feature provides information on how users interact with Snapchat's content. Snapchat Ads Manager Accounts are mostly utilized by companies and brands that also have Snapchat Business Accounts. 

  • Sign in to your Ads Manager account.
  • To access Audience Insights, go to the main menu and choose the Analytics option.
  • Put in the specifics of your ad's target audience, geographic area, demographics, and mediums.
  • Select the top-right Save button to save your work.

For Mobile Devices

  • Download and install the app.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Launch the Snapchat application.
  • Start at the home screen by tapping avatar in the upper left corner.
  • Analytics for your Snapchat account may be accessed through the Insights page.

Are you missing Insights from your app? It's possible that your audience size is too small right now. At this time, Snapchat Insights is only available to verified influencers and companies with at least a thousand followers.

Key Snapchat Insights Metrics to Keep an Eye On

With your newfound familiarity with Snapchat Insights, it's time to examine the most important KPIs for your social media marketing effort.

  • Time spent in front of the screen

View time is one of the most important Snapchat audience insights. You can see how long, on average, people viewed your Snapchat story by looking at the "view time" stat. You may also see the time, just as you can with your stories. 

This metric gives you the option to explore activity on Snapchat and to reveal how well your content performs at not just attracting but also retaining its audience. If you see a decline in Snapchat views, it may be time to switch up the promoted material.

  • Drop

There are several gaps in Snapchat's internal analytics tools. You still can't, for instance, track the decline of views on your Snapchat Stories.

With the information provided by your drop rate, you can get invaluable insight into the effectiveness of your Snapchat profile by seeing precisely when and why users abandoned your story.

  • Demographics

You may now examine the socioeconomic makeup of your Snapchat audience using the app's Insights feature. This may guide your decisions on what material to market and to whom.

You can see what proportion of male and female viewers your article attracted at the very bottom of the Insights page. Find out what ages your viewers typically are.

  • Screenshots

Your likes and comments are recorded when you use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But Snapchat keeps track of your activity via screenshots, so be careful.

This is the total number of screenshots of your Snapchat posts that have been made. Sharing screenshots of your work may potentially get other people involved. They may also be used as a metric for how well your Snapchat advertising campaign is doing.

  • Followers

People who follow you on Snapchat and interact with your posts are called followers.

It's not easy to count your precise number of fans, however. Instead of providing a precise tally of users' followers, Snapchat now employs a scoring system.

The aggregate of your outgoing and incoming messages is reflected in this score. There is, however, a simple general guideline that might help you estimate your number of followers: 

  • Multiply your best Snapchat Story view count by 1.5 to get an estimate of your potential audience size.

For marketers to demonstrate Snapchat's value in achieving social media objectives, they previously had to rely heavily on assumptions and screen captures.

Improved metrics make it less of a stretch to make the case for Snapchat's inclusion in social media strategies and explain how the app may help your company make more money.